A unique territory

Love of our land and respect for nature.
Borgo Dus is located on the gentle hillsides of Montello, crossed by the Piave, an area once favoured by the Venetian Serenissima Republic for its precious robinia and oak wood, a terrain generous towards those who have treated it with respect. Here our farm business produces renowned wines, beers, radicchio and asparagus.

Our wines

Promoting awareness of our territory.
All our vineyards are located within the municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia and are identified according to the zone, with names that describe the shape of the land or that have been handed down by previous generations.

Our beers

A unique combination.
Special beers made with special ingredients like our Radicchio di Treviso and our asparagus.

Radicchio rosso di Treviso

A product of the rural tradition of Treviso.
The “flower of the winter” that is ready to bloom and that after the blanching stage, becomes firm, crunchy, delicate but above all, tasty.


Delicate, tender and not stringy.
Our asparagus are grown in Nervesa della Battaglia, on fertile land located on the right bank of the Piave, where the soil is enriched by the lime the river leaves behind.

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Via Brigata Udine 22/A
31040 – Nervesa della Battaglia (TV)


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