A charming land

The love of the land and respect for nature’s timing are our philosophy.

On the gentle hillsides of Montello, once favoured by the Venetian Serenissima Republic for its precious robinia and oak wood and lapped by the waters of the Piave, a river that is sacred to the country, stands Nervesa della Battaglia.

A generous terrain, that has given much to those who have treated it with respect.

“…in Nervesa, in Nervesa there is a cross…” (citation from La tradotta che parte da Torino) and it is there, that still today, you may find the Borgo Dus, a place where the efforts of the Marcon family have been going on for generations. Respecting and appreciating the value of these sites, reworking the wealth of local tradition and the honesty of a land that has never stopped giving.

Our name, in fact, originates from the hamlet where the farm is located, called Borgo Dus and it may be traced back to a dialect form of the word “dosso” (crest) that represented the shape of the land at that time following the overflowing of the river Piave, that flows nearby.

A proud little story

The profound meaning that represents us.

Our trademark and symbol is a mallard duck that with its story, bears witness to our closeness to nature, to the land and to the passion we put into our work.

Many years ago, in fact, a little duckling ended up at our farm. After having taken shelter for the night, it had set off again on its journey, but, unexpectedly, every evening after that it would turn up again, a sign of mutual friendship and trust that honours us and spurs us on to always do things well because Nature and our customers will know and appreciate it.

“A quote by Steve Jobs goes “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”, but that is what my father, Gabriele, has always taught me.”

Silvia Marcon

“To constantly innovate while maintaining traditions and not forgetting our origins is our family’s strong point.”

Gabriele Marcon