Rossa Fogo

Type: lager with red mountain radicchio
Alcohol content: 6.5% vol.
Pairing: risottos, farmhouse soups, roast meat, cold cuts and salamis, mature cheeses.
Available formats: 0.75 litre bottles

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Our Rossa Fogo is a double-malted low fermentation beer flavoured with red mountain radicchio, of Italian tradition. The low fermentation method and the pairing of red mountain radicchio with hops, lends it a moderately bitter flavour and pleasant herbal hints. It has a reasonable alcohol content, a fine and persistent froth, medium degree of fizziness. It has a slightly cloudy appearance and a dark amber colour. Its fragrance is moderately strong, it is smooth bodied with a soft finish. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized and re-fermented in the bottle.