Verde Aga

Type: Ale flavoured with asparagus
Alcohol content: 5.5% vol.
Pairing: An extremely versatile beer, excellent with several different kinds of food, from club sandwiches to gourmet dishes.
Available formats: 0.75 litre bottles

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Our Verde Aga beer is a light-coloured ale highly fermented with white and green “Piave” asparagus.
Fresh, delicate and sweet, with the characteristic flavour of asparagus. Smooth bodied, slightly bitter and well-balanced due to the careful use of hops and the pleasant sweetness of malt. Moderate alcohol content, creamy white persistent froth, medium fizziness. It has a slightly cloudy appearance and light golden colour. The intense fragrance, potent at first nose, gradually wears off over time, maintaining the typical notes of asparagus. An unfiltered and unpasteurized beer.